Pole, Chair, parties, OH MY!

Contact to schedule individual instruction as schedule availability varies and are by appointment only. Group chair dance classes are currently held online only due to COVID. Online pole dance classes are not currently available; however, in person pole instruction is available at Aerial Affinity. A monthly membership through Aerial Affinity is required for in person lessons. Contact with your interests 😊

Say hello to your new dance partner! You'll gain skills on how to move on, around, and over the chair as well as how to put moves together in a sassy, sensual flow. You bring a safe, sturdy chair and a great attitude. I'll bring the 


What to Wear: 
Clothing that allows for movement. Could be a sweats, could be lingerie, could be anything in between. You choose! 

Leggings or tights will allow for more frictionless movement.

Book an outdoor party for the guest of honor and friends for a special occasion!

During your party you will learn skills and choreography to a song of your choice. Contact to book your party today!  

Gain confidence, strength, and 

coordination. Styles vary widely. 

Pole can be sexy, silly, artistic, sporty, etc. It's whatever you want it to be. This class is on hold until quarantine is over. Stay home :)


What to wear:

Short shorts and tank top with pants and top for warm up/cool down.  No lotion that contains oils 24 hours prior to your lesson. 

The best of both worlds - Pole and Chair! Learn how to blend the two together for a whole different kind of experience. Chair, Pole, and Fusion material is taught in this class with a mini choreography flow at the end to help reinforce what you've learned. This class is on hold until quarantine is over. Stay home :) 


What to Wear:

Short shorts and tank top. Bring pants and top for warm up and cool down. Do not use lotions that contain oils within 24 hours of class for best results.

Questions: Contact us




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